Monday, March 9, 2015


Tulips at Sunrise
Do you happen to recall my mentioning a little getaway we took with our BFFs? The one in late November, where we caught a special at Hotel Sorella in Houston's City Centre? Well, this weekend we went back with those same friends, so we could utilize the "free night" certificate we were awarded! It's such a fun place to stay because once you park your car in the garage, you really don't need it again the rest of the weekend, as there are so many shops, restaurants and even a movie theater, all within walking distance. We went to some of our favorite spots from the last trip, but still had quite a few new ones to try as well, including this one.

A Cowboy in Paris
Their crepes are good, but their Nutella Hot Chocolate is even better!

I usually ignore all the books and magazines that hotels leave in our rooms, but not my friend Paula. She reads them all! And thanks to her, we had learned about a new place called Prohibition Supper Club in time to make reservations. According to the article, it was a perfect place for an anniversary celebration, your second e-harmony date, or for edgy seniors. Believe me, it was well worth getting our car out of the garage for! And, since we all just happened to own some snazzy "speakeasy" attire, thanks to Miss Lexi's wedding, we thought "Why not bring it along?"

We got there early so we could enjoy a drink in their elegant bar.

The two bartenders were pretty cool looking, but know who was even swankier? These two!

We know that because people kept coming over to tell them that all. evening. long. Including the owner of the club, who grabbed us after the show and asked us to pose for pictures! But I'm getting ahead of myself. After drinks we headed into the "theater", which is actually the oldest theater in Houston, from back in vaudeville days!

So why, you are probably wondering, do they even have a theater attached to this lovely bar and restaurant?

The Piano Player
Why, for the burlesque shows, of course!

(to be continued...)

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