Monday, February 23, 2015


There's just something about Austin's S. Congress Avenue on a balmy Saturday afternoon.

Reminds me of Guadalupe St. (better known as The Drag) back in the early 70s, when I first arrived at UT.

A Bit of Sidewalk Art
We were there this weekend to meet up with our four favorite people at a place John and I had somehow overlooked, called Botticelli's Italian Beer Garden.

These two below had some surprising news.

First of all, Mr. Austin has a new job! Looks like he and Mr. Nate will soon be working at the same company again. Nate is the one who got him interested in computer security in the first place, and talked him into leaving Houston for a job at Spider Labs. A short time later Nate got whisked away to Rapid 7, and now it looks like Austin will be joining him there.

Second, it seems he and Areej have pushed their stateside wedding date back from this October to the following March. Turns out the original date they had reserved happens to coincide with Austin's annual ACL festival, and there wasn't a hotel room to be had anywhere! We are actually quite relieved, since that gives us more time to recover from big sister's wedding, more time for planning, and the Sudanese portion of the wedding can be moved from August to December, when it won't be so frickin' hot in Khartoum! Now all we have to do is make sure the new date in March doesn't overlap with SXSW -- another epic annual event the sucks up hotel rooms for miles around!

Speaking of big sister and Nate...

guess where they stopped in before dinner? Did you happen to notice the darling little hat shop next to Botticelli's in the photo up above? Awesome choices, don't you think? Also, see that t-shirt Lex is wearing? A souvenir from yet another Ray Wylie Hubbard concert, a few years back.

S. Congress, balmy weather, good food, favorite people...does it get any better?

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