Thursday, January 8, 2015


I am so, so glad that I went to the trouble to dig up several of my best succulents from the Cantina Garden this fall, and bring them inside for the winter.

For one thing, I'm just lovin' the way they look in my house.

Plus they go so well with the artificial succulent arrangement on the dining room table, which sweet Lexi gifted me with a few years back.

I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm guessing they like to go semi-dormant in winter, so I potted them up using a cacti soil mix, and put them in some cheap plastic containers with built in reservoirs, so they will never sit in water. I've been giving them just a quick drizzle of water about once a week, but if any of you have experience with this and know better, please advise!

On the down side, the house sure is going to look sad and empty when I move them back out to the garden come spring.

On the plus side, each of those big mommas has several babies nestled beneath her leaves. So, instead of having to start completely from scratch each spring, as I always do when I leave them outside to die in a hard freeze, I could be starting out with double, if not triple, the number of plants I had last year.



Corrine at said...

They look fabulous. Love that planter with what looks like mushrooms in it. I can finally grow some here we have sun...but mine will stay tiny compared to yours, at least the ones that stay outside. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Unfortunately, the mushrooms are artificial. I have grown oyster mushrooms from a kit which one of the kids gave me, and they were yummo. Only problem is that the kit costs way more than the amount of mushrooms you can get from it are worth! It sure was fun though.