Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hubby and I do not drink coffee. For some reason, we just never acquired a taste for it. Kind of odd, when you think about it, since we each grew up in households where both parents loved it. Nope, we're tea people. Which is why our drawers and cabinets are filled with stuff like this...

and this...

and this.

Our daughter Lex is a tea person as well, and that is why she and I are celebrating her birthday with the High Tea at Full English today, and were so excited to hear that this was coming to Austin. We also enjoyed attending several episodes of this at the Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse. My boss in Bahrain once told me that I could not really be American, if I did not like coffee. Which makes it even odder still that our Lexi managed to marry into a whole family of American tea people!

Strangest of all, however, is the fact that, despite being surrounded by all this tea accoutrement his entire life, our son Austin turned out to be a coffee person. And not just a latte-lovin' pseudo coffee person either. He's the kind who loves everything from shots of espresso, to cups of freshly ground French-pressed café, and even Turkish coffee -- the kind that is so strong and thick it can stand on its own!

Which is turning out to be a good thing, since his fiancé Areej comes from a very long line of coffee people. Young Austin was most appreciative when her aunt went to the trouble to roast and grind her own coffee beans, then blend them with a variety of aromatic spices, in order to brew the perfect cup of Sudanese coffee just for him.

Here's to finding not only your soulmate, but also your true beveragemate!

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