Friday, January 16, 2015


Hallelujah! We finally got the proofs from Lexi's wedding photographer, and though I think I'm getting a little photo album of some sort as part of their package, I couldn't resist ordering a few from the reception right away, to share with you guys. The candid shots I shared with you earlier just didn't do this place justice.

Many of the venues they visited in the Austin area had great outdoor spaces, but their only option for inclement weather was to set up a tent. This place had so many different spaces, both indoors and out, that we were covered for whatever nature threw at us -- a good thing to know, if you're planning an event in Texas in early November.

At the top of my list of things I loved about this venue was that it was right here in Wimberley, it was reasonably priced, and that it had lodging on site for the entire wedding party, plus a fabulous little stone casita for the bride and groom. Basically, it was like a 3-day slumber party for everyone involved!

We began with a sunset ceremony down on the shores of Cypress Creek, then moved up to the outside terrace, complete with fire pit, bar, and twinkle lights galore.

Groomsmen Will Be Groomsmen
From there we moved indoors to the main "ballroom" I suppose you'd call it, though it seemed much too cozy and welcoming for that title.

Outside, Looking In
Cutting the Bride's Cake

Nate's little niece was so fascinated and curious about everything that went on, especially when it came to the application of those temporary tattoos!

This was one of Lexi's best ideas -- a kids' table filled with fun things to keep them entertained!

After cake and hor d'oeuvres we moved on to the ultimate destination -- the room that inspired the whole "Speakeasy" theme...

and from there, onto the dance floor.

The Bride and Groom demonstrate how to "cut a rug."
Nate's Parents Take to the Floor
In fact, this venue fit the theme so perfectly, it was almost as if we had been transported into one of those old black & white films from the roaring twenties!

Momma weeps in the background as Daddy dances with his baby girl one last time.
But, it wasn't just the facility that made this wedding so, so special. It was the family who owns it. The ones who bent over backwards and went way beyond the call of duty to make this whole process as pleasant as possible for us all.

That, and the fact that we encouraged Alexis and Nate to have the kind of wedding they really wanted, instead of the one which everyone has come to expect, but which evolved primarily to make more $$$ for those in the wedding industry.

I think they both got the wedding of their dreams. Me? Well, I just had to laugh when people kept asking me if I was getting stressed out or ready to have a melt-down yet. To tell you the truth, all I had to do was sit back, and enjoy the ride!

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LaNell Taylor said...

So happy for you and John. Looks like the bride and groom had a fabulous time!