Friday, April 4, 2014


I decided I just couldn't wait until Color Mad Monday to share this wee little sampling of all that awaits you, if you ever make it to Round Top, TX during Antique Week. Enjoy!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bakelite...

and rustic pottery?

Apparently bottle cap art is quite the thing these days.

The same booth that had the bathing beauty, above, also held a collection of "paintings" by another artist -- one who worked, not with paint, but with tiny bits of colored paper he has collected, along with bits of sheet music and book paper. Many art journalists I know do something similar, but these were magnificent hang-over-the-mantel portraits and such!

I probably left some drool behind in this booth full of luscious braids and ribbons.

The thing is, I could have taken hundreds more color-mad shots, just as yummy if not more so, if I hadn't been so busy just soaking it all in.

Guess you're just gonna have to go see it for yourself, huh?

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Though I was born and raised in Texas, I'd only been to Round Top once ere now, and that was not during the infamous Antiques Week. What a pity. If only I'd discovered it years and years ago, when each house we moved into was a bit bigger than the last, and needed a bit more stuff to fill it up! Why now, when we've gone back to one not much larger than our first, and divested ourselves of box after box of green depression glass, majolica, white ironstone, gold and white china, crystal, and antique music and doll collections? My friend Outdoor Woman goes twice a year, every year. This year, she finally convinced me and two other Muses to accompany her.

Warm-Up Stretching Before We Hit The Ground Running
We began our day at Marburger Farms, where you find the more upscale, artsy vendors. Our first stop was at Skip 2 My Lou -- Outdoor Woman's favorite creator of unique jewelry, assembled from all sorts of vintage bits and bobs.

The merchandising in some of these booths just blew me away.

Daughter Lex and niece Megan would have loved this one...

an entire booth devoted to mid-century cocktail paraphanalia!

At Marburger, you have a mix of cute little historic buildings and long, elegant tents with walls, with most everything under cover except for the short dashes from one tent or building to the next.

Outdoor Woman warned us that the food here was just so-so, but priced more like Ooh-la-la. She suggested that we bring along some snackies for when our energy starts to flag, and save our appetites for Mexican food and Margueritas in La Grange, on our way home that afternoon. Sounds like a plan! So, after a brief rest stop under the trees, we headed over to the wee town of Warrenton, where the booths were more open-air, and where the merchandise wasn't nearly as elegant, but was way more afordable. It reminded me a lot of the things you might find here at Wimberley Market Days.

All-in-all, I'm pretty much convinced that, no matter what you are searching for, you're sure to find somewhere here at Antique Week -- if'n you've got the stamina and determination!

Need some antlers? They've got a whole tent-full!

Need a grassy glider? You got it!

Come to think of it, each of us found just what she was looking for. Outdoor Woman found a wrought-iron chandelier on which to hang her hubby's ever-growing collection of hats; Fiber Woman found some yarn to use in one of her projects; and Spirit Woman found lots of fodder for her amazing photographs.

Me? I found precisely what I needed -- absolutely nothing! Well, other than a zillion steps clocked on my Fitbit, a fabulously fun day hanging with my tribe, and tons of color-mad eye candy, some of which I will share with you on Monday. Does it get any better than that?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014


It's been months since we've got together with our Sunday afternoon vineyard group -- lovingly referred to as the Winos, though that's certainly not the case! Finally, yesterday, we were blessed not only with perfect weather but, miracle of miracles, everyone was in town! (though one poor fellow had just flown in from Korea, and was still a bit jet-lagged)

Instead of going to our usual hangout, we decided to make a field trip over to the Canyon Lake area to check out a small vineyard, La Cruz de Comal, that one of the couples had discovered. It had the cutest little tasting room ever -- I could live in this tasting room!

The owner is quite the character, having been a Houston defense lawyer with many high-profile clients in his previous life. He is a man of strong opinions, especially when it comes to the making of wine. He believes in hands-on, natural wine-making, with nothing added. His production is very limited, using only Texas Hill Country grapes. I'm no oenophile, but he must be doing something right. Several in our group, who normally don't touch anything but reds, were lugging home bottles of rose' and raving about dessert wines! Me? I just loved the ambiance...

the company...

and the owner's fabulous art collection!

On the way home we stopped to eat at an old favorite, Plooky's! It's a bit seedy, and a bit slow, but they still do a pretty darn good Cajun boiling pot, which you can order mild, medium, or super spicy! I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of our table, covered in long sheets of butcher paper, with it's mountain of shrimp, crawfish, corn, potatoes and sausage piled high in the center! If you ever make it out that way yourself, don't forget to mosey next door to take a peek inside of Frank's Bait & Taco, one of the most unique places you'll ever come across. Unfortunately, it's not open on Sundays.