Friday, March 21, 2014


When I posted my list of things to do in Wimberley the other day, a friend left a comment on facebook saying I had forgotten to include the nature trail that runs along Cypress Creek, from downtown Wimberley over to Blue Hole Park. I walked it a few times when it first opened, but hadn't been there recently, so I decided to give it a try.

Before, I always reached it via the little playground just past the shoe store. Yesterday, however, I was lunching at Inoz, so I figured I'd just head down to the creek path from there. That was my first mistake.

The size of these old cypress trees just boggles my mind!

Unfortunately, the trail grew precariously close to the creek, and then tumbled right off of the edge! That's when I remembered that, when I'd entered from the playground before, the path seemed to run along the bottom of the cliff below all the shops, then a stacked-stone wall, for some ways before moving over towards the creek. So I headed into the woods and wandered around a good bit until I finally picked up the other trail.

That was my next big mistake, for it wasn't long before that trail disappeared as well! From that point on I seemed to hop from one bit of trail to another, as each one disappeared under piles of felled trees and flotsam. Finally it hit me. The Halloween flood must have re-mapped this entire area. No wonder I couldn't follow the trail!

Just when I was beginning to despair of ever finding my way out again, I spotted the house that marked the end of the trail. Halleluiah! Guess what else I spotted? A barricade blocking the end of the trail, with this sign posted on the other side:

NOW they tell me!!!

Ah well, at least I made it out in one piece. Let's just pray I didn't crawl through any poison ivy in the process.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that my hubby's retirement hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs. First he had a mild stroke. Then he passed out at Mima's one day, conked his head, and had to be life-flighted to Austin with bleeding in his brain. A few months later, when he was threatening to pass out again, we rushed him back to the hospital, where we discovered he had ventricular tachycardia (which probably caused the Mima's episode) and needed a pacemaker. A short time after coming home we discovered his pacemaker had come with a bonus -- a nasty staph infection, which was already coursing throughout his bloodstream by the time we got him back to the hospital. After another week in the hospital under the care of an infectious disease specialist, they let him keep the pacemaker, but sent him home with a picc line and a man-purse filled with antibiotics, which were pumped into him around the clock for six weeks.

A few weeks after finally getting the all-clear, we took our first little vacation since it all started, and the infection came back! Which meant paying an extra thousand bucks to get a flight back one day early, so we could rush him straight to the hospital and his cadre of doctors. They yanked the pacemaker this time, left the wound open to drain, started pumping him with antibiotics again, and eventually put in a new pacemaker on the other side of his chest. As you can imagine, it has taken quite some time for him to get over feeling like he was a doomed man!

When he first retired and moved up here to Wimberley full-time, his plan was to do some consulting work now and then, just to keep his toe in the water, and to have a bit of fun-money. When an old work-buddy approached him last year about doing just that, he turned him down. Not only was he not up to it physically, he wasn't certain he was still up to it mentally. Could you blame him for getting depressed?

So, imagine my surprise when he announced last week that he might be taking a 6-8 week gig down in Sabine Pass! I guess he figures that, if he managed to survive a week at SXSW, he ought to be ready to take on anything.

You've come a long way baby!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Several people I've met or reconnected with recently are planning trips to Wimberley, and have asked for recommendations on what to see and do when here. Instead of sending them each a list, I thought it might make more sense to post a list here on the blog. That way people can leave comments, reminding me of all the important things I forgot to include. If I can figure out how to do it, I might even link it to a button over in the sidebar, so you can find it easily if you want to refer back to it later. I may even edit and add to it as time goes by, if I think of more good stuff to add.

So here it is...



A Rafting Trip in New Braunfels, Back in the Day
Blue Hole Park - Swim there in the summer. Hike, bike, or picnic year round.

Jacob's Well - another swimming hole, this one happens to be the spring that is the source of Cypress Creek, and opens into a series of underground caves.

Wimberley Zip Lines

Tubing - head over to San Marcos for this. Rent your tubes from the Lion's Club then float down to the park behind the River Pub, where there are a couple of water chutes. When you finally wear yourself out, buses will pick you and your tubes up and take you back to your car.

Rafting - New Braunfels is the place to go for rafting, plus it's home to the best water park in the world, Schlitterbahn!

Mt. Baldy - the tallest hill in Wimberley, with a gazillion steps leading up to it.

Enchanted Rock - not actually in Wimberley, it's closer to Fredericksburg, but for outdoor people, it's the ultimate Hill Country experience.


At The Corral
Corral Theater - Not a drive in, but a blast-from-the-past walk-in outdoor theater, showing first run movies at bargain rates (summer months only)

Wimberley Players - home of our community theater, located just off the town square

Emily Ann Theater - both an outdoor and indoor theater, and host to various events throughout the year, including Shakespeare in the Park, the spring Butterfly Release and winter's Trail of Lights.

Friday Night Bingo at the VFW - it's a hoot!

Boot-Scootin' - head out to Gruene Hall over near New Braunfels, the oldest dancehall in Texas. Or try out the new dance hall on Mercer St. in Dripping Springs, which is a bit closer. If it's the weekend, there's always live music right here in Wimberley at the bar-with-dance-floor behind Cypress Creek Cafe, on the square.


Wimberley Glassworks - stop in and watch the glassblowers at work! On RR12, heading out towards San Marcos

In-Style Accessories - the best women's shoe store ever. All their shoes are super-comfy, but also cute and sassy -- not the least bit orthopedic looking! There are lots of other great shops up and down RR12 and all around the square, but I'm not much of a shopper, so I'm not the best to advise you on these. I have found cute clothes and jewelry at both Dove Tails and Vintage Girl, and nice gifts and furnishings at The Tree House. Plus we have a great kitchen shop called Kiss The Cook. Wimberley Fine Arts and Bent Tree Gallery are great places to find local art.

Wimberley Market Days - First Saturday of each month (except Jan. and Feb.) at Lion's Field. Over 500 booths.


The View From Inoz' Terrace
Inoz Brew and Chew - kind of a sports bar inside, with burgers and such, but with a great outdoor terrace overlooking the creek. Great place to stop for a drink, or leave the men while you continue shopping. Just follow the staircase down between Blue Willow and Wooden Spoon (frozen yogurt).

For Breakfast go to Wimberley Cafe in the center of the square, or go to Mima's down 2325, between the two high schools. Mima's specialty is tacos made fresh, from scratch, but they also serve bacon and eggs and pancakes. It's my go-to place for lunch as well.

The Leaning Pear, on River Road just off RR12, is probably the best upscale restaurant in town, with wonderful soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches, woodfired pizzas with unusual toppings, and several nice dinner entrees as well.

Linda Allen's is the home of our local caterer, and the best place to find lots of great veggie choices, for dine in or take out, if you are trying to eat light.

The Salt Lick, over in Driftwood, is the best barbecue spot anywhere, as far as I'm concerned.

Also in Driftwood are Trattoria Lisina (fabulous Tuscan style dining), on the grounds of Duchman Vineyards and Winery. The best place by far if you're looking for ambience!

Another fun vineyard where we like to hang out is Driftwood Vineyards, which is perched atop a hill with a beautiful view.


There are a gazillion B&B's, cabins and inns in Wimberley, and I haven't stayed in any of them. Most all are rented out by lodging services, rather than by their owners. Just google "Wimberley lodging" or "Wimberley Accomodations" and you should get a list of them. The nice thing is they all post pictures so you can see what you are getting. The downside is that they don't really tell you where they are located.  "3 miles from town square" could mean 3 minutes straight down the highway, or three miles out a rutted dirt track requiring 4-wheel drive. You just never know.

So tell me Wimbo buds, what vital places or activities did I forget to include?

Monday, March 17, 2014


Know what's even better than getting a couple of bottle trees? 

It's discovering that, whenever the sun hits them juuust right, you get an unexpected bonus...

Stained-Glass-Patterned-Pavement! Does it get any better than that?