Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Walking along the street at the Renaissance Festival, I caught a flash of color from the corner of my eye, turning just in time to see this...

the Fairy Queen, marshalling her troops!

Yes, their costumes were utterly amazing, but it was more than that.

It was their mannerisms...

their speech, which was a lilting series of trills and warbles...

and their expressive little faces.

Oh my word, those winsome little faces!

Truly one of the most amazing groups I've ever come across.

And, speaking of "amazing" people, I'm sure you've heard me mention my friend Fiber Woman dozens of times here on the blog. Well, she and her hubby have a permanent booth there at the Ren Fest, right across from the Globe Theatre.

That's her hubby there on the right, posing in front of the dragon that he and Fiber Woman built themselves, and which you can tour to see its amazing innards.

What that girl can do with strips of leather and sheepskin will blow your mind!

Go here to see for yourself!

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