Saturday, December 27, 2014


I was mulling over yesterday's post, wondering just how I would complete it today, when I came across a throw pillow or something which said "All is calm, all is bright." Suddenly I realized that those two phrases perfectly described the contrast in Hubby's and my Christmas styles, and that I simply had to go back and change the title of yesterday's post! To give you an example of what I'm talking about, this is what greeted us yesterday morning, before the sun was even up.

The two newest members of the family couldn't quite understand why they had to be dragged out of bed at such an early hour, but we had a whooooole lotta prezzies to open before we could even think about starting breakfast.

Austin may be used to the Christmas Morning Crazies, but he'd never manage it without coffee!

And, when I say "a lot"...

I mean a LOT.

Most of which were bought my Mr. Claus, who always begins shopping mid-summer.  But, before we can open prezzies, we have to do stockings!

This entire chair full is what he considers to be "a filled stocking."

The kids pretty much tear through their stuff, but I like to take my time, watching to see what each person opens.

It just ain't Christmas without goofy robes, right?
The Wedding "Tattoos" Become Full-Sized Art
Usually I'm barely getting started on my stocking when they're ready to hand out packages, and barely getting started on those when someone whines "Hurry up Mom, we're starving!"

This year, instead of the usual mass of bacon, eggs and sweetrolls cooked up by Big Daddy, Lex suggested a Bavarian-Style Brunch Buffet (assorted breads, cheeses, black forest ham, gourmet jams, honey, soft-boiled eggs served in egg cups, and a few pretty pastries from Sugar Shack). Quick to assemble, easy to clean up, and oh so yummy! But I was only halfway through that when hubby said "Time to get dressed, if we're gonna beat the crowds to see Into the Woods!"

The kids are accustomed to going to an afternoon movie on Christmas day, but what they didn't know was that a brand new movie theater opened recently in nearby Kyle -- one that also contains a restaurant, bar, bowling alley, and arcade! After the movie, when the kids thought we were headed out to our cars, Hubby paused at the entrance to the arcade and said "Oh yeah, hold on a minute, I forgot something." He then handed them each a ten dollar bill and told them to "go have fun." And they did!

Just like old times! Especially when it came time to cash in their tickets, and Lex was miffed because she didn't have enough for "anything good!" Hubby's still giggling about that.

Can you believe this is the same guy who used to go around saying "Bah, humbug!" when we first got married, and thought stockings were just for little kids?

Now comes the fun part -- deciding what to get rid of from our already chock-full closets and shelves, to make room for all the new stuff!

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Corrine at said...

Sounds like an amazing festive day. My Superhero has come around as well and left his Grinch behind. xox