Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Can you guess where we were yesterday?

Hint #1: A town where dining al fresco in December is not all that rare.

And where did we go once there?

Hint: an annual event which takes place in cities all around the country -- this one on the steps of the Texas State Capitol -- in which anyone with any kind of tuba can participate.

This cutie here was by far my favorite, out of more than 250 who participated this year.

Guess where we went after that?


It's on S. Congress.

It has a vintage cigarette machine stocked with candy cigarettes...

and a soda fountain...

unique wall art...

and is the best place in the world to shop for stocking stuffers!

If you've figured out the answers to these questions, then you'll know the answer to the bigger question -- why is Hill Country Hippie going AWOL from the internet for the next few days?

Answer Key:

1. Austin, TX
2. Merry Tuba Christmas
3. Big Top Candy Store
4. Cuz Christmas is finally here, and the kiddoes are a-comin'!

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