Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had tickets to a show over in Austin this weekend, and Hubby asked where I wanted to go eat for dinner. Since it was cold enough to freeze your winnebago that night, my reply was "Anyplace is fine with me, as long as it's cozy and warm!" So we decided to give this place a try.

Bess is one of two restaurants down on W. 6th St. that are owned by Sandra Bullock, who has a thing for renovating and saving old buildings. We had been to Walton's for lunch several times, but had yet to try this one, which is only open for dinner. As for cozy and warm? Well, we couldn't have picked a better spot!

I knew we were onto something good when they brought out this plate of delicious artisanal breads, a little tub of creamy unsalted butter and not one, but three, different kinds of salt to sprinkle on at will.

I had this fabulous pumpkin ravioli with wild mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and crispy kale...

while Hubby opted for the Wagyu Beef Burger with truffled parmesan fries. I helped him with those.

Afterwards we went to see a woman named Jeanne Robertson, whom we knew absolutely nothing about. Hubby just sorta picked this one out of a hat when the other show he'd bought tickets to at the Long Center -- a Gong Show revival -- got cancelled. (go figure) Turns out, she's pretty dang funny for a 6'2" 70 year old basketball playing former beauty queen from N. Carolina. Take her advice. Don't ever send a man to the grocery store.

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Corrine at said...

Looks so yummy. Off to check out the funny link. Love the Long Center, we went last year while in town. Beautiful place. xox