Monday, November 17, 2014


There was a time when I was so insecure about my decorating taste that I'd ask my mom or sister to come help me pick out and arrange stuff. It wasn't until we moved overseas, where that was no longer possible, that I finally began to figure out what I actually liked and didn't like, and really started to trust my own judgement. Even so, I still had to carry color swatches around with me at all times. Had to make sure anything I was tempted to buy for the house would match perfectly, right?

But that was a long, long time ago.  Somewhere along the way, all the colors that I love most -- my true colors -- became so ingrained that they actually began calling to me. Seriously! That's just what happened when my sister and I stopped in Fredericksburg on our way to Lucky Star art camp. We had just entered this great little shop when suddenly I heard something calling out to me from across the store. It said "Becky T. Lane! Get your bohemian-hippy-gypsy-cowgirl-senorita-self over here, girl!" There's no point fighting it once it calls to me (unless it get's into a brawl with my seriously tightwad self) for it's pretty much a given that, whatever it is -- this time a table runner -- it's gonna fit right in with everything else in my home...

even the houseplants!

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