Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I recruited two new campers for Lucky Star this year. One was my sister Kathy (aka Gus), and the other was the friend I often refer to as High School Debbie, since I have two other friends here named Deb/Deborah, and since we went to the same high school. She is the one who let me in on the secret of on-line art classes, without which, I never would have ended up at Lucky Star!  Walking up the hill that first morning, I stumbled across an awesome old turquoise car. Just as I was about to snap a picture of it, Debbie came wandering down the hill. Kismet, no?

That Italian scarf of hers was just made to be photographed next to that car, was it not? Anywho, when I was done with my walk I wandered down to the mess hall to grab some hot tea, as we still had some time until breakfast. That's when I discovered one of the very best things about Lucky Star - something I had totally missed out on last year.

Mandy Rowden Teaching Her "Girl Guitar" Class
I discovered that this cozy nook just outside the mess hall, with its big wood-burning fireplace, is a magical place -- one which draws early risers to it like a magnet. From that morning on, you could find me next to that fireplace, hot cocoa or tea warming my hands and my heart, soaking in the creative bliss of my fellow campers!

From there we moved into the dining hall itself, for the first of three scrumptious meals we would receive each day. And I mean scrumptious.

This was just the second year for Lucky Star to be in existence, and that dining hall was pert near full! What are we going to do as word continues to spread?

After breakfast we gathered our supplies and headed off to class.

Craft House
I was positively giddy, for I would be spending the entire day with artist Mindy Lacefield! She wrote this book, Wild Surrender.

Mindy's Book, and the Field Notes Journal I Started in Her Class
In the introduction to her book she says "This process is alive. Allow it to evolve and build its own character through trial and error, mistakes, and happy accidents. Wildly Surrender overthinking. Surrender your plans. Surrender perfection. Become one with the process." That was a really, really hard thing for me to do when I came to Lucky Star and took my first "intuitive painting" class with Juliette Crane last year. But I'm gettin' better at it. Yes I am!

Mindy on the Left, Two New Friends on the Right
At one point in the afternoon I took a tea break, and was able to sneak in to spy on my sister in her Lively Lettering class.

She seemed to be having a very good time!

Last year camper Shawn, who happens to be a pro at Irish dancing, gave some of the girls a spontaneous tutorial. It was such a hit that they actually put it on the schedule Thursday evening, for those who were interested.

After dinner that evening we had a rousing fireside chat about food...

then ended our day as we always do at Lucky Star -- singing our little hearts out along with Austin singer-songwriter Mandy Rowden.

It was a very good day.


Corrine at said...

Gus is a love and so is High School Debbie. Both were delightful to be around. Singing with Mandy, campfires and old trucks - FAB! xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

My sister gave you rave reviews as well!