Monday, November 10, 2014


I began my very first day at Lucky Star with a bit of a bang. I'm usually up with the chickens, or before, and had lots of time to kill before breakfast, so I decided to go splorin'. I was especially curious about a little veggie garden which I had spotted from afar, and which seemed to be built in the "keyhole" style.

I opened the gate and went inside, to get a closer look.

They had all kinds of yumminess growing in there, even in mid-November.

I noticed a metal cage in the center of the circle, and leaned down into it, to see if they were filling it with table scraps and such, to create compost that would feed the surrounding beds. You'll never guess what I found there, along with the eggshells.

I may have squealed a rather naughty word, and jumped about a mile, but at least I didn't poop my pants!

Then I crept back again, held my camera high above the cage, and snapped this picture for the blog, lest no one believe my tale.

Fortunately, it was a rather nippy morning, and Mr. Rattlesnake was feeling drowsy!


Corrine at said...

In a weird way, glad it was you who knew what NOT to do. Nice and warm in that compost for the snake. I would have had that accident or been running still. Only seen one once and I ran 50 yards in the other direction before I stopped. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

I wasn't smart, I was LUCKY! I was actually bent over, with my head down in that cage with him, before I realized what I was looking at. Fortunately, the newly chilly weather combined with that warm compost bed had him well on his way to the land of nod for the winter. Whew!