Friday, September 12, 2014


Lexie's Mother-in-Law to be, Holly, asked me if I could do a couple of my little kiddo sketches to go in the wonderful wedding album she had put together for Lex and Nate. But of course! Only problem was, I never knew Nate as a kid. Fortunately, Holly had a ginormous photo album filled with Little Nate photos that she was willing to loan out for a while. OMG, what a cutie-pitootie he was! My very favorite picture in the album was one of Nate clutching his little boy Cabbage Patch Kid doll, with them wearing matching Indian headdresses, which resulted in this:

So then, of course, I had to go digging through our own albums in search of a photo of Lex with her CBK, Ginger Carlina.

Too bad I couldn't find the one of them in their matching Care Bears nightgowns!

Now I'm thinking perhaps I need to do some similar sketches of Austin and Alexis in one of my own little journals -- starting with She-Ra: Princess of Power!


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Corrine at said...

That's really nice. It will be a wonderful surprise for them. xox