Sunday, September 14, 2014


Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Dallas for Lexie's family wedding shower, hosted by big sister Poodie (aka Carolyn).

The theme was "Stock The Bar", and the prezzies included everything from ice buckets and cocktail shakers to molecular mixology books and, of course, plenty of wine and booze.

A Mustache Corkscrew
A Skull Ice Bucket
All the sisters and nieces were there, except for Austin's poor fiance Areeg, who had a huge test coming up this week to study for. When Austin sent me the note saying Areeg couldn't make it, he said "but don't worry, I'll definitely be there." I had to break it to him gently that he wasn't actually invited -- that it was girls only. "For a stock-the-bar shower? You've got to be kidding!"

Lex + Cousin Steff
Cousin Merrit + Aunt Gus
Aunt Dani was there too, but for some reason the only picture I got of her was a close-up of her behind.

For entertainment, we got to decorate two sets of holiday wine glasses for Lex and Nate -- half for Christmas and half for Halloween.

Lex may get to keep most of the loot, but the rest of us got the champagne...

plus a whole day of hanging out with some of my favorite people, and a talking-into-the-wee-hours slumber party with a couple of them! It was a very good weekend.

Now I'm off to Houston for a day or two with my hubby, who is doing a bit of consulting work there. When I get back I'll tell you all about the shenanigans he was up to while we were in Big D!


Corrine at said...

Great shower theme. What fun. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

It was -- my big sister is the queen of entertaining!