Monday, September 29, 2014


Finding a dress for a "Speakeasy" themed wedding -- especially one for a well-padded mother-of-the-bride who's quickly closing in on her 61st birthday -- was not easy. However, it was a breeze compared to finding all the right accessories to go with it!

My dress has these rhinestone straps and cuffs.

So, instead of wearing the obligatory long strands of pearls, I started looking for something with rhinestones and a vintage feel. I was hoping for something long and multi-stranded, but finally I settled for this.

Wouldn't you know, just a short time later I stopped at Penney's to shop for undies, and stumbled across this long rope of silver chain interspersed with rhinestone doodads.

I just couldn't make up my mind which I liked better! In the end, I opted for both -- together!

And for the ears...

Voila! Instead of these Pippi Longstocking braids, my hair will be in a roll of sorts, with a rhinestone-studded comb and a black feather tucked in.

Unfortunately, that was the easy part. Next came shoes. Shoes which not only had a twenties feel, and were dressy enough for that outfit, but which also were comfy enough to stand around in for hours, and dance in, and have FUN in! I mean, what's the point of being 60, if it's not finally having acquired the confidence to choose comfort over sexy, right? Actually, I guess I always put comfort first. Just ask my hubby.

I thought I had set myself up with an impossible task, but finally I found these.

Sexy? No. But, man, are they comfy!

Almost like wearing my tennies! Even so, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have these hidden under a table, for when the dancin' starts.

They had cowgirls in the 20s, right?

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