Wednesday, September 3, 2014


After our little rest, and a few nibbles from our inn's nightly cheese party, we were ready to head out again.

Our destination? Gaulart & Maliclet, also known as Fast & French, on Broad Street...

where we shared their lovely roast chicken special, seated at the communal counter, and I enjoyed a very tasty dry rose' from the south of France.

Afterwards we headed towards the old City Market, taking the scenic route along the Battery, and stopping for some gelato along the way.

The old market stretches for four city blocks, and is a combination of indoor, permanent stalls and open-air temporary stalls that get packed up each day. Originally a place for locals to buy meat and produce and socialize, it is now mostly a place to buy souvenirs. Fortunately for us, they have a night market on weekends involving some of the temporary stalls.

We wound up our day wandering around the residential area across from our hotel, peeking through gates to catch glimpses of piazzas and graveyards. In the end, we decided we really should have signed up for one of those "ghost tours" they advertise.

Total steps clocked on our fitbits that day? Over 20,000 each!


Diane said...

You must really be enjoying your visit with your daughter and your taste of Charleston. Love your pictures and enjoying OUR taste of Charleston though your eyes.

LaNell said...

Looks beautiful. Wish I had made it there when we lived out east.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thanks ladies! I would highly recommend a trip to Charleston to anyone -- just don't go when it's 95 degrees out and 100% humidity! What were we thinking?