Wednesday, September 24, 2014


People in the Texas Hill Country tend to be passionate about their boots, whether they actually need them for ranching or not. For one thing, trying to do the two-step or Cotton-eyed Joe in street shoes just looks silly, now doesn't it? We even have a lady here in Wimberley who is known as The Boot Whisperer. It is said that all she has to do is study your feet for a moment to know exactly which pair of boots would be the perfect match for you.

So, what did the Wimberley Vally Arts & Cultural Alliance choose when they wanted to place hand-painted sculptures around town?

Why, six-foot-tall cowboy boots, of course!

Spotted by Annie James, on Old Kyle Rd.
I missed the big reveal party, when I could have seen them all together at one time. However, I must admit, it's kinda fun stumbling across them one at a time, as I go about my daily rounds.

Spotted by Brookshire Bros. Grocery Store
Spotted at the Wimberley Village Library, featuring local musician Sarah Jarosz
Three down, twenty or more yet to be discovered!

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