Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My family has a longstanding Christmas-Eve-Bad-Sci-Fi-Film tradition. It got started back in the days when at least one of the Thomas clansmen always gave another a ridiculous grade B movie for Christmas, then they popped it in to watch as soon as all the littles were in bed. Which is how my hubby and kids ended up being huge Bruce Campbell /Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fans. So, of course, there was no way my hubby could pass up a chance to go see this, when he heard it was coming to Austin.

After giving it some thought, I told my hubby "Dear, you know I'd be more than happy to go with you. But you might have a bit more fun if you took one of the kids with you instead." Only problem was, when he asked "Who wants to go?" they both said "I DO!" So he got two more tickets and we all went.

He's such a good daddy that he even let the kids have our two front-row-center tickets, and we took these seats, a few rows back.

They got a little nervous when they realized that everything in the first few rows was covered in plastic! Fortunately, someone let them know that they had ponchos for sale out in the lobby.

Fixin' To Start!
The ponchos helped, but not enough!

Believe it or not, these socks used to be white.

Nice white suit, Dude!

Hubby swears he had no idea there was a "splash zone" when he bought those front row tickets. All I can say is, he owes our kiddos BIG TIME. For if it had been us sitting there, instead of them, Hubby would have been dead meat by the end of the show!

And then we took them out to dinner.

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