Monday, August 25, 2014


Daughter Lex is past the age where hanging out on 6th Street getting plastered is her idea of a great night with friends. In fact, she may have skipped that stage altogether. (I have no idea where she gets that!) Therefore, she decided not to leave her bachelorette party completely up to chance. Fortunately, her bridesmaids jumped on board with her suggestions and ran with them!

Cupcakes were provided by master-baker Stefanie, who taught them an amazing life lesson that will have you slapping your forehead and saying "DOH!" Turns out, we've been eating cupcakes completely wrong our whole lives.

The trick is to break off the bottom part, then flip it over and squish it down on top of the icing, so you can eat it sandwich style. Kinda like a Whoopie Pie! Bridesmaid Jessie, in the striped shirt, will be right at 9 mos. pregnant when she walks down the aisle with Lex. Fortunately our good buddy Tim, a former paramedic, says he still remembers how to deliver babies just fine!

Future Daughter-in-Law Areeg
Bridesmaid Carrie (the one with sunglasses atop her head) brought along a friend who is a professional henna tattoo artist.

Joelle, who went with us to pick out the wedding dress, was the hostess with the mostest!

And then there were the games, including Cards Against Humanity and Pin The Tail On The... well, whatever.

I'm not sure who to blame for those!

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Corrine at said...

She clearly has great friends and a great smile. xox