Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm up to my eyeballs now in Junelle Jacobsen's Farmers's Market art class. Her first assignment was to go to a local market and gather inspiration in the form of photos, sketches, notes, vendor-chatting, sample-tasting or whatever. Well, that's been one of my very favorite activities ever since moving to the Hill Country, and my i-photo files have about a bazillion pics to prove it! So my first task was to scroll back through five or six years worth of photos and move the best market shots over into a special folder, for easier access. It took a while! Whilst doing so, I noticed this shot.

A few years back we attended one of the first Gypsy Picnic Food Trailer Festivals, and on our way back to our car we stumbled upon this, the Barkitecture Doghouse Auction, which was raising money for an animal shelter or something. I just loved it that this particular doghouse actually looked like a food truck!

So no, not technically a scene from a "farmer's" market, but I don't think Junelle will mind that I used it as inspiration for her puppy dog assignment.

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