Monday, July 21, 2014


Yes, that Bloody Mary actually has bacon in it!
I hesitate to post about where we ate this weekend, lest you think I'm trying to hasten my hubby's demise. I can only say, it was not my doing.

Hubby discovered this place called Franks, just off 6th St. in downtown Austin, when he was out exploring one day. He knew in an instant that he had to bring his buddy Toad there some day, and Saturday was the day.

We actually got there a little before 11:00, and I was shocked to see that it was already open -- and packed! Apparently they serve more than just hot dogs and cold beer. Above you see their Big Ass Pancake. Seriously. That's what it says on their menu.

By the time we were all there, and ready to order, they had switched from breakfast to lunch menus. Mr. Toad ordered some kind of artisan sausage, while hubby got this hot dog topped with, yes, that's right, mac and cheese! He said I should be proud of him for going the healthy route, since several of their other dogs get wrapped in bacon then deep fried. (head slap) They shared this order of waffle fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. Made me queasy just to look at them. The boys deemed them "Not bad!", but weren't able to eat more than a few before giving up.

Paula and I split a Southern Guy hot dog with Dr. Doppelganger (Dublin Dr. Pepper) barbecue sauce and some caramelized onions on it, and an order of their Mexican corn, which was yummalicious!

Their dessert options included chocolate covered bacon. We went back and forth over whether to try it or not, and finally decided to order one strip, split four ways. Unanimous opinion seemed to be "interesting, but probably wouldn't order it again." I'd have to say the best part of the whole experience would have to be...

the company!

And then we went to Salt Lick for dinner.

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Holy cow, but that bloody looks darn good. xox