Friday, June 27, 2014


We went to Susanna's Kitchen again last week -- Wimberley's monthly coffee-house-style concert featuring Austin/Hill Country artists. Much to our surprise, we managed to get Fiber Woman and her hubby RCD out to join us. It's been a while!

To be honest, it was probably not the pleasure of our company that lured them out. I think it had more to do with the headliner that evening, Guy Forsyth -- one of their very favorite performers. Like most local musicians, he has multiple bands and often teams up with other performers, such as Carolyn Wonderland, for duo sets. This time he happened to be playing with his band called The Hot Nut Riveters. As my hubby said, how do you pass up the chance to hear a group with a name like that?

There were six musicians in the group, each playing multiple instruments as well as doing vocals. When the banjo and mandolin were the focus, I found myself thinking Blue Grass or Folk, but at other times there was more of a gypsy feel, and that accordion had me flashing back to street performers in Paris, or maybe a Greek cafe. But then there was the steel guitar, and the upright piano where the accordion player could pound out something that sounded almost like ragtime, or was it old-time saloon? When they broke for intermission, we were all asking the same question: What would you call their genre? Though we never agreed on an answer to that question (how on earth do you pin down a song like Post-Apocalyptic Princess?), we did agree that they put on one helluva show, and that we all had a mighty fine time!

P.S. According to their Facebook page, their genre is Americana/Indie/Blues Rock. And, if you follow that link, you can watch them singing their new song Leadfoot Larry, about a poor guy with an addiction -- an addiction to gasoline!


Corrine at said...

Sounds like an interesting fellow, we would have joined you for this one for sure. Saw Carolyn Wonderland up here a while back but don't think he was with her for that road trip. Good stuff. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Ha! I bet all the Texas performers are fighting to get summer gigs up in your area, or maybe Colorado.