Sunday, June 8, 2014


One thing I noticed, as the year progressed, was that the work I was doing in everyone else's journals was highly influenced by the time of year. No surprise there, since I'm a tad obsessed with living life according to its seasons, and that whole "embracing change" thing, right? Once I got my own journal back, however, and was able to flip through all the pages at once, I realized I wasn't the only one who was being influenced! Summer sunflowers segued to fall leaves. Then came snow and wind... 

From Emma, in California
From Cat, also in California, who happens to be Emma's daughter.
From Donna, in Georgia
followed by signs of life in the garden...

From Merri in Spokane, WA
From Jeanne, in Amarillo, TX
From Lisa, in Michigan
and finally, we segued from winter's hibernation to a life lived mostly out of doors.

From Denita in Florida, and the organizer of this adventure.
Well whad'ya know? My little circle journal's got seasonality!

Know what I love most? The wonderfully imaginative "calling cards" that each artist left in the little pocket at the back of my journal.

Another good thing is that working in other people's journals inspired me to do some of my best work yet. On the down side, all of my best work is now living with other people.

Good thing there's still plenty of blank paper left in the journal, huh?

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