Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Yesterday was quite the busy day here at Casa de Seasonality! First Contractor Man showed up bright and early to put a protective covering down on our floors, and to remove the stove and oven.

Shortly after he left, Cabinet Guy arrived -- to pull out all the drawers and cabinets between the refrigerator and pantry.

Which is why everything that was in those cabinets and drawers is now cluttering up any clear space that was available in the rest of the house - and that wasn't much!

Once Cabinet Guy had done his thing,  Mr. Electrician and his gang arrived. They had to rewire that space next to the refrigerator, in preparation for the combo oven/convection microwave that will be going in soon.

Supposedly, Cabinet Guy is coming back today to install the new cabinets in that space. However, shortly after everyone left we started getting flash flood warnings. Then Contractor Man called to say that if it was raining too hard, that could put a major kink in our schedule.

It started raining like a son-of-a-gun around 10:00pm, and twice during the night we were awakened by loud alarms on our phones. Needless to say, I was tickled pink to see that it had stopped raining by the time we woke up, and that our low water crossing was still passable. Especially since my sisters arrive today, and we would prefer not to be stuck on opposite sides of the creek. How long it stays passable remains to be seen, as there's a good chance that it will rain again all night tonight.

Now, here's the thing. I wasn't too concerned about my kitchen being torn up while the girls are here, seeing as we usually eat out a lot when they come anyway. And, since I couldn't do any cooking this week, I didn't buy any groceries, or place an order with The Bountiful Sprout. Soooo, if we do get stuck here at home because the low water crossing is flooded? Well, we could get mighty hungry before all is said and done!

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