Friday, May 16, 2014


Guess we'll have to take a break from the sibling revelry reports. I only took one pic of the sisters yesterday, and for some unknown reason, they don't want me to post it! Can you believe it?

The good news is that I finally figured out something really fun to do with those funky little flowers I started sketching on the insides of old security envelopes about a year ago, when taking that 21 Secrets class.

I just love the way the patterns show through the water colors, adding so much great texture to the petals and leaves. Anywho, I needed something like an ATC (artist trading card) to tuck into a little pocket in the back of the last Circle Journal that showed up at my house. I did a sunny water color wash on the small piece of paper the owner had provided, and was rummaging through my supply cabinet, looking for some sort of embellishment to add to it, when I came across these flowers that I'd all but forgotten.

I stamped the back side with one of my hand-carved stamps, then signed off with something like "Sent to you from a wee little studio in the Texas Hill Country", et Voila! My very first ATC! Good thing I finally found a great use for those flowers and envelopes too... 

seeing as how sister-in-law Priscilla brought me a butt-load of those boogers last time she came to visit!

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