Friday, April 18, 2014

YOUTH: It's A State of Mind

Yesterday I spent the day with three old friends whom I've known since first grade. One had never been to Wimberley, and another had only been here once, a long time ago. So, of course, I had this huge long mental list of all the things they should see and do while here. How many things did I check off that list? ZERO!

Here's how our day went. First we met up at the coffee shop, and stayed there gabbing until we realized it was already lunch time.

Next we went to Salt Lick, and stayed there gabbing until we realized it was almost time for them to check into their B&B.

We made a quick stop at my house for a Mexican brownie and some hot tea out on the balcony, and stayed there gabbing for a while, then we went by their B&B and got them checked in.

Finally we headed into town, only to realize it was already five o'clock, and most of the stores were already closed!

So we went back to the coffee shop instead, and stayed there gabbing until they started turning the lights out on us.

Finally we headed to The Leaning Pear for dinner, and stayed there gabbing until after dark. It was a very good day.

It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed last night that I finally realized, throughout it all, not one of us had taken a single dang picture!

Here's to friends who know that youth has absolutely nothing to do with one's age!


Diane said...

Laughing out Loud. My husband wants to know what's going on.
I so enjoy your posts.

Hill Country Hippie said...

You just made my day Diane!

Hill Country Hippie said...
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Corrine at said...

Sounds about right for a perfect day with friends....xox