Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have a new favorite beer.

Not that I actually drink beer. But if I did? It would most definitely be this one, for, as you can see, the packaging is AWE-some!

Fortunately, Hubby was willing to give it a try, just for me.

He looooooves me!

He pronounced it "not bad", which is pretty much the highest praise you're ever gonna get from him -- even better than "didn't suck"! I sure wish it was safer to travel in Mexico, cuz I'm pretty sure my color-mad art heart would be right at home there. 

Meanwhile, I've been doing some more playing with Twinks (sparkling water colors) in my "Draw Your Awesome Life" journal.

If only those sparkles showed up better in photographs!

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Corrine at said...

Beetles and beer oh my, great packaging. xox