Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ages and ages ago, when we switched our house over to rainwater, and were able to get rid of the water softener that was hogging most of the space in our utility room, I began to ponder on how I could best use that space. The room was attached to our garage, unpainted, and had a bare concrete floor with a drain in the middle. Oh, and it had no heat or A.C. Besides being the home of our washer and dryer, it served no purpose other than being the place where we stashed anything we didn't know what else to do with. I spent as little time there as possible!

I toyed with lots of different ideas for how to use the added space. Could it be my potting shed? My art studio? But then I remembered that white cabinet at the back of the room, which houses a perfectly lovely pull-down ironing board -- one which has never been used in the almost 10 years we've owned this place. Why? Because, as I mentioned before, there's no heat or air out there! Another interesting tidbit about this laundry room is that there is both a shower and a toilet there at the back, which, like the ironing board, have never been used. Well, at least, not for their intended purposes. We store our Christmas tree in the shower.

Eventually, I settled on the goal of just creating a space that I didn't despise being in. First step was to get a nice cantaloupe color on the walls (with lots of help from muse Fiber Woman), and to make them a little more interesting.

3D Self-Portrait Created By Daughter Alexis Back In High School
Next came this nifty indoor-outdoor area rug, made from recycled polyester.

 Hubby contributed the crowning touch, his lava lamp!

Best of all, the shower and toilet (and tree and golf clubs) are now hidden by some old shutters we had, and I finally managed to get my Bountiful Sprout basket out of our living room!

Now all that's left is to work some magic on these shelves full of crapola!

If only I had a wand.