Monday, April 21, 2014


We had quite the feast here at Seasonality yesterday. Best thing about it was that I had to do so very little of the preparation myself!

I tossed together a Greek Salad, and marinated the meat for Jamie Oliver's Pork Souvlaki, or Wicked Kabobs, which hubby then grilled for me.

Oh yeah, I also charred these peppers under the broiler. Good thing I thought to pull on an oven mitt at the last second, or my hand might have been just as charred and blistered as those peppers, for at one point I noticed flames coming off the glove, and had to beat them out!

Lexie gave Caprese Salad a new spin by making it with cherry tomatoes and little "pearl" mozzarella balls, and throwing in some little pasta shells.

She also made her infamous almond macaroons for dessert, which just melt on your tongue in a sea of almondy goodness, but I was too busy eatin' em to worry about taking pictures.

Son Austin whipped up a batch of Tzatziki for us, and provided the pita bread.

Best of all, there was a granddog there for us to love on all day...

though sadly, not both of them. They haven't quite figured out how to get along just yet.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!

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Corrine at said...

Yummy, yummy and cute grand-dog. xox