Sunday, April 27, 2014


I went to the Blue Hole nature trails early yesterday, expecting to have the place to myself. Boy, was I surprised!

It seems Wimberley was playing host to the American Volkssport Association this weekend, and their walking trail wove in and out of my usual path. I noticed that many of them were using walking sticks, and that there seems to be two schools of thought regarding those.

A few were doing it Gandalf-Style, with a single large wooden stick, much like the beautiful, hand-carved stick son Austin purchased at the Renaissance Festival years ago, and which we inherited when he left home.

Others were sporting the Tyrolean look, using two sticks that looked kind of like ski poles to me. Still others used nothing at all. It got me to thinkin' that perhaps I should look into the matter -- see what the pros and cons of each style were, or whether it was worth using a stick at all. Come to think of it, that big one might come in handy if I ever came face to face with a rattlesnake, or an overly amorous buck. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet.

The very best part of sharing my walk with all these strangers yesterday was getting to hear little snippets of their conversations as we passed one another -- to hear their oohs and ahs when they reached the overlook and caught a first glimpse of the Blue Hole itself. It's always good to look at stuff through someone else's eyes now and again, don't you think? It leaves one feeling so enormously grateful, to actually live in such a beautiful place, to get to walk these trails almost daily, and to know that you'll be floating in that blue, blue water in just a few short weeks, with your oh-so interesting friends.

Am I lucky, or what?

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LaNell Taylor said...

I agree Becky. Ron and I camped at Pedernales Falls this week and enjoyed some beautiful hikes. We enjoyed our stay but realized that we have a beautiful river we can swim in every day, a wonderful trail and creek we can visit even on our way to the store. I am so thankful for this special place. Hope we can keep it special. :)