Monday, April 14, 2014


The ceramic totem pole we purchased this weekend was a total impulse buy. We didn't give it much thought, and had no plans for what we would do with it when we got it home. I guess I was thinking about putting it somewhere in my downstairs courtyard garden, while John was probably picturing it somewhere out in his upstairs beds. It ended up going neither place. We decided that it was so fabulous that it needed to be somewhere near our front door, where all our visitors were sure to see it. At first I placed it out on the corner of our porch, over near the bottle tree. But later, when the winds started kicking up and the totem pole started wobbling a bit, we decided to scoot it over here next to the bench, where it was a tad more sheltered from the wind. When we woke up to 35mph winds, with gusts up to 60mph, we were mighty glad we moved it!

Know what's really amazing? This totem pole is not at all my usual colors. I don't do blue for some reason, preferring deep purples and hot reds, oranges, and magentas in my gardens. However, I loved this piece enough to buy it anyway. So, imagine my surprise when we finally chose a spot for it and got it all situated, only to notice this.

The bottle tree and the totem pole have the exact same colors on them! Know what my hubby did when I pointed this out to him? His eyes grew huge, and he gasped "Synchronicity!"


Corrine at said...

It is so cool.....what a wonderful addtion to the garden. xox

PLane said...

I think our eyes are attracted to certain color combinations and that must have been what happened here. Isn't it fun when we surprise ourselves?