Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's looking to be an exciting week here at Seasonality! Three gals I went through school with from 1st grade through 12th, was in a Girl Scout troop with almost that long, and haven't seen in about twenty-two years, are headed this way. I'll be spending the day tomorrow giving them the Grand Tour of Wimberley.

Crossvine -- it's like a double-dip cone of orange and raspberry sherbet!
The next day our BFF couple, Paula and Tim, are coming to town. The boys are hoping to play a bit of golf Saturday morning -- something that all hubby's little health crises have gotten in the way of for two or three years now. That afternoon they head back to College Station, and I head up to N. Austin to attend an Afternoon Tea event at the Alamo Drafthouse with my daughter. Squee! Then on Sunday the kiddos are all coming here to celebrate Easter with us, when we will combine our efforts to prepare our new favorite tradition, a Greek feast!

I guess you're wondering what these Crossvine photos have to do with this blog post. Absolutely nothing! Well, other than my being so busy that they were pretty much the only pics on my camera that I hadn't already shared with you. Good thing I got them when I did. The night before one of those crazy winds had whipped through the Cantina Garden, just as all these blooms were beginning to open. When I got up that morning, my poor little Iron Maiden was face down in the dirt, and all the blooms were a bit smushed and bruised. I stood her up again and brushed her off, then snapped these photos. Before I even had a chance to go out and buy some longer, sturdier stakes, another wind came through! Yesterday she was down in the dirt again, and her spring outfit is not looking nearly so fine!

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Corrine at said...

Been really windy here too....And cold again..25 this morning. Put most of my winter duds away too soon. xox