Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Afternoon Tea At The Alamo

There are four or five Alamo Drafthouse theaters in Austin now, each with its own funky theme and line-up of special events. The newest one is up in N. Austin where our kiddos live, near Lakeline Mall. When daughter Lex heard that they would be hosting a series called Afternoon Tea, she decided to treat me to the first movie in the series as an early Mother's Day present. She knows her mama well! 

We arrived to find our places set with three teacups, as well as a beautiful menu card listing all the treats that were in store for us. First were the three teas we would be served at various intervals throughout the movie, all from Austin's own Zhi Tea.

 Oddly enough, the first two smelled delicious, but tasted pretty funky. The third one's fragrance was very off-putting, so we were almost afraid to try it. How surprising then, to find that it was actually quite delicious! Best of all, it's an African Bush Tea -- the kind which the main character in my very favorite mystery series, The Number One Ladies Detective Agency, consumes in great abundance.

Next were our three "treats", which were brought out all at once just as the movie started, but which we chose to space out, eating each with a different tea.

I thought the first sandwich was pretty bland, but Alexis was relieved to find it so, as she is not a fan of salmon. We both agreed, however, that the other two items were yummy!

Before the movie started, the young woman in charge came out to welcome us and give us some interesting tidbits about the film and its cast. The most surprising thing about the day was just how much I enjoyed this film, considering it was based on a Dickens novel, which are usually so morose! In this one, all the good guys come out on top, and the bad ones get just what they deserve!

At the end of the show, the same young lady returned to tell us about upcoming Afternoon Tea features, including Much Ado About Nothing next month, and Gosford Park the one after that. When she mentioned that last one, all the women in the audience gasped and said "Ooooohhh!" I'm pretty sure you'll find us there.


Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Sweet place and the tea sounds lush. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

My daughter thinks we should make this a monthly ritual!