Friday, March 21, 2014


When I posted my list of things to do in Wimberley the other day, a friend left a comment on facebook saying I had forgotten to include the nature trail that runs along Cypress Creek, from downtown Wimberley over to Blue Hole Park. I walked it a few times when it first opened, but hadn't been there recently, so I decided to give it a try.

Before, I always reached it via the little playground just past the shoe store. Yesterday, however, I was lunching at Inoz, so I figured I'd just head down to the creek path from there. That was my first mistake.

The size of these old cypress trees just boggles my mind!

Unfortunately, the trail grew precariously close to the creek, and then tumbled right off of the edge! That's when I remembered that, when I'd entered from the playground before, the path seemed to run along the bottom of the cliff below all the shops, then a stacked-stone wall, for some ways before moving over towards the creek. So I headed into the woods and wandered around a good bit until I finally picked up the other trail.

That was my next big mistake, for it wasn't long before that trail disappeared as well! From that point on I seemed to hop from one bit of trail to another, as each one disappeared under piles of felled trees and flotsam. Finally it hit me. The Halloween flood must have re-mapped this entire area. No wonder I couldn't follow the trail!

Just when I was beginning to despair of ever finding my way out again, I spotted the house that marked the end of the trail. Halleluiah! Guess what else I spotted? A barricade blocking the end of the trail, with this sign posted on the other side:

NOW they tell me!!!

Ah well, at least I made it out in one piece. Let's just pray I didn't crawl through any poison ivy in the process.

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Sharon Lovejoy said...

LOVED this! Hahaha!

Yes, I am always reading book for teens and middle grade. They are hopeful (usually) and not full of the stuff I constantly try to avoid.

Good luck on the drawing,