Thursday, March 27, 2014


Guess what I found at the bookstore yesterday? This!

 Mingle is yet another gorgeous magazine published by the folks at Stampington, but not one I normally pick up. It's mostly about entertaining, and the parties all seemed just a little too "perfect" for me. I discovered long ago that the more perfect I try to make the food and decorations at my parties, the less fun I actually have. In fact, it was one of the very first things I wrote about after I had "My Big Idea" about living my life with Seasonality, and started this blog.

This issue, however, seemed to have a theme going -- about the magic that happens when women gather. There was one article about KnitXMidwest, and one about the Soul Sisters Conference in Portland, Oregon. And then there was this...

an article about the very same art camp I attended last fall, and have been yammering on and on about ever since! Know what's really funny? My photography instructor from this camp, Vivienne McMaster, was featured in the Soul Sisters article as well!

Know what else is really exciting? Not only am I signed up for Lucky Star 2014, but one of my sisters has decided to go as well! And, if there's any chance that you might like to go, you'd better hop to it! I got to register early, since I attended their inaugural session last year, but by the time my sister got registered, one of the classes she wanted was already full -- and that was before this magazine article came out!

Hmmm, that article looks like something Miss Alexis might be interested in -- especially since it has a great idea for a photo booth, which I know she is planning to have at her wedding. Better save it for her.

If only I had one of these trees growing at my house!

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Oh Yeah....I will have to get it....xox