Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Several weeks back when we had to attend a funeral in Austin, we stopped for lunch at a new to us restaurant called Satay. It's billed as a Thai restaurant, but once we opened the menu we were delighted to find many Indonesian and Malaysian delicacies on the menu as well, which is how I ended up eating Nasi Goreng again for the first time in ages! 

They even had my favorite Thai dumplings, with the crispy garlic bits on top, and a lovely tropical patio area for outdoor dining in nice weather.

What's really interesting is that John came across this article online just the other day, talking about this very same restaurant being featured on the show Restaurant Redemption! Not sure whether we visited the restaurant before or after its makeover, but I'm thinking we'd better pay it another visit sometime soon, just in case it's even better this time than it was the last!

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