Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hubby got me a new phone. Not because I needed one, mind you. It was because he was entitled to a free upgrade, and he simply cannot resist having a new toy to play with. I HATE having to get new phones -- especially when there's not a dang thing wrong with the one I have! "You won't even notice the difference!" he claimed. He lied. There's not one thing on it that is the same as before. I have not been a happy camper, no-siree-bob!

But then this showed up out of the blue -- this new cover for my plain white phone.

It's a favorite painting by my favorite color-mad artist, Vincent van Gogh. I've actually stood on that corner, looking at that cafe.

It's in the town of Arles, one of the stops on our amazing river cruise through southern France a few years back -- a vacation that my hubby insisted we take, not because he cared anything at all about Provence, but because he knew it was a long-held dream of mine. Now, every time I pull out my phone and see that image, I am transported back to the cobbled street in front of that cafe.

Well, OK, perhaps I can learn to live with this phone if I really try.

But if he replaces it again any time soon, he'd better have an actual trip planned to cheer me up!


Linda Hoye said...

That phone case screams "Becky"! I love how your hubby loves all things techie and you don't. It's just like Gerry and reverse!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Proof that opposites attract!

musingegret said...

Thank you Becky! I can't believe I was unfamiliar with the Cafe at Arles work; it sent me looking for others and I ran across this one that reminded me of your Hill Country home! You need this tee for your art workshop this summer:

Hill Country Hippie said...

You're right, I DO need that tee-shirt! We visited that hospital and its beautiful gardens as well, when we were in Arles. The funny thing about Van Gogh and the other impressionists is that they have very little of their original work there in France. The French did not appreciate those renegade impressionists at the time, and refused to buy, or even show, their work. So those crazy Americans snapped up most of it. In Arles they have reproductions of Van Gogh's work set up all around town, near the sites depicted in them, but not much, if any, of his actual work. Their loss, our gain!

Corrine at said...

An actual trip, now that sounds great! xox