Friday, November 15, 2013


Well, I can't believe it. Today is my last full day as Nurse Becky. Tomorrow I will pass the wand to Nurse Gussie, and head back home to Wimberley. Patient Poodie still can't lie down in bed, but other than that, she's doing OK. Good thing we saved that expensive recliner with chair lift and automated foot lift that we all went together and bought for Mom, but which she never would use.  I knew somebody would need it one of these days! 

The week went by much faster than expected, 'though I couldn't really tell you how on earth we spent it. There was a lot of book reading for sure. Some catch-up blog reading, which sort of fell by the wayside when I took up art. I mean, there are only so many hours in a day, right? I got to browse through a bunch of catalogs that I don't normally see, and I even did a tiny bit of sketching, and some thinking about what should go on my winter to-do list. Other than that, it was just a matter of taking care of life's necessities -- three (very simple) meals a day, and a couple of trips to doctors and to the drug store. I'm convinced the Christmas decorations made all the difference this time -- transforming her little home from gloomy rehab to festive sisters' soiree!

So, not only did Poodie think so far ahead as to finish up her Christmas shopping and get her decorations up before she went into the hospital. She also had thank you prezzies wrapped and ready for all her helpers. Guess what I got?

A gorgeous new sketchbook...

some fun goodies to use in my art journaling...

and a jar of Trader Joe's Cookie Butter! Actually, I'm kinda sorry she ever gave me a taste of her cookie butter. It's sooooo good, but soooooo bad! If you haven't got around to trying it yet, do yourself a favor. DON'T DO IT!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


As I was watching Dyan Reaveley's latest tutorial, it occurred to me that my favorite art supply of all just has to be stencils. First off, they can be used a thousand different ways -- in art journals, with gelli plates, even on fabric! Second, they are super cheap compared to other supplies -- especially if you mostly by the little 6x6 stencils, which are great for art journaling. Most important, however, is that, unlike stamps and paints and jars of gesso and gel medium, they take up no room whatsoever in my meager art supply storage space.

The stencils I've been lusting after for awhile now are Jane LaFazio's leaf and pod stencils, from Stencil Girl. I haven't found them in any of the art stores I've been in lately, so I guess I'd better go ahead and order them on line -- or else put them on my wish list for Christmas. Anyhoo, if you don't believe me when I say they can be used in a thousand ways, check out this blog hop I stumbled across this morning on Jane's blog, featuring the very stencils I speak of! Not only did I get lots of artsy inspiration on how to use them, I discovered several new artists that I wasn't familiar with. One in particular is obviously infected with the same kind of color-madness that I suffer from, and I can't wait to see more of her work. Can you guess which one she is?

Man, you just gotta love the blogosphere when it comes to creative inspiration!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Looking for the best present ever, for a special small child in your life? How about a ride on the Polar Express? In their jammies! With singing waiters and hot chocolate! Apparently several different places around the country are doing it, but this is the one my friend Paula found and gave to her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson as an early Christmas present. The amazing thing is that she didn't buy tickets for herself and Tim as well. I don't think I could have been that unselfish! Her son and his wife are both teacher/coaches, and fall is very hard on them all, so she thought they could use a little family get-away, just the three of them. Me? I don't think I could've passed that up. In fact... if you don't have a kid to take... you can always take me!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 Middle sister Gus sent Poodie the most gorgeous Get Well arrangement ever.

First of all, hydrangeas are my very favorite flower.

Then there's the colors on those roses, like a Hill Country sunrise.

The most amazing part is these curlicue things, that look like ribbon candy. Turns out they are actually leaves.

Whatever plant they came from? I want it!

As if that arrangement weren't enough, Gus also cooked us a fabulous dinner, which we've been eating off of for days.

Now if only Poodie felt well enough to appreciate any of this! We did put a call in to her doctor's office yesterday morning. Took all day for the nurse to get back to us, then she was of no help whatsoever. Fortunately however, whilst we were waiting for them to get back to us, someone from his scheduling desk called to say he couldn't keep our Thursday appointment, and would we be willing to come in Tuesday (today) instead. We are heading out the door shortly!

Monday, November 11, 2013


You know how people always say " It's gonna get worse, before it gets better."? I think that must be what's happening here. At least, I hope it is, 'cause Poodie was doing pretty good yesterday. Today, not so much.  Today is the day where she starts to wonder if something isn't seriously wrong, since she still can't lie down on a bed, and her bad leg is refusing to follow her brain's commands. Plus she has no appetite, and might possibly have a case of thrush in her mouth.

For her previous surgeries, we had therapists coming by frequently, whom we could ask "Is this normal?" This doctor, however, doesn't feel therapy after hip replacement is warranted. He just gives you exercises to do on your own, and says "Come back and see me in a week." Since our appointment isn't until Thursday, I'm guessing we'd better put a call in to her doctor's office -- see if they can allay some of her fears. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


If you've ever wondered about the influence of birth order on personality, let me assure you, there is truth to those rumors. I'm the third daughter -- the one who still hasn't given any thought to what she is going to do about Thanksgiving, who just trusts that it will all come together eventually. Poodie is the first born daughter -- the one who had the foresight to get her Christmas decorations up before she went into the hospital for hip surgery, since she knew she wouldn't be up to it afterwards. Speaking of her surgery, she's doing as well as can be expected, I suppose. She had a different surgeon this time, with different ideas and rules for recovery. Even the incision is completely different! The biggest surprise was that he kicked her out of the hospital a day early, meaning she only spent two nights there -- after major surgery! But it's not just a cost-cutting measure as you might expect. It's also because, the longer you stay in the hospital, the more chance you have of picking up one of those nasty bugs like my hubby came home with.

She wasn't planning to turn any of the lights on until after Thanksgiving, not wanting the neighbors to think her insane, but I twisted her arm. I just loooooooove twinkle lights!

The two books are mine. That's what I actually brought to read while here, so imagine my delight at finding the decorations already up. Unfortunately, she doesn't get the Hallmark channel, so we can't watch a daily Christmas movie as I had planned. Or so she claims.