Friday, August 30, 2013


Holy Moley, it's August 30th! How the heck did that happen? Summer's end really caught me by surprise this year.  I glanced at my calendar after returning from our unexpected jaunt to Dallas and Bogata, and was just blown away to realize that September was almost upon us, and I was totally unprepared for the roller coaster that is fall!

Not only had I not yet gathered photos for the seasonal change-out of my blog banner, or started work on my fall To-Do list, I hadn't really done a thing to prepare for that mini vacation in San Antonio which we won almost a year ago, and are finally about to take. Nor had I checked the supply lists for all of the classes I plan to take at Lucky Star art and whole living camp in October, to make sure I have everything I need.

 I reckon I got a bit distracted by all these engagement announcements, huh?

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I think Cousin George would have been right proud of his sendoff. I thought it was one of the best memorial services ever -- more a celebration of his life than a mourning of his passing, with a great slide show depicting him from little buckaroo, on through his bronc riding and rodeo clown days, and right on up to his old rodeo-producing rancher days. Then it ended with this song, which he had chosen himself, and which describes him pretty much to a tee.  The most amazing part was this scene which greeted us outside the church, when the service was over...

the hordes of people who had waited patiently outside in the heat throughout the entire service, after the church had reached its capacity of about 200, just to show their respect. Guess he'd touched a lot more lives than most of us ever realized. I should be half so fortunate.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My cousin George Marshall Jr. (or Sonny, as we all knew him) passed away this weekend. He was quite the character, that boy. My Uncle George was a rancher, and we used to go up to Bogata every summer for the rodeo. My sister Gus even won a fancy belt buckle once in the kids' pig scramble! It was no big surprise when Sonny started out his career as a rodeo clown. The shock came when I heard he was traveling all over the country producing rodeos. I think, however, his true talent was as a master prankster and story teller. We'll be driving up to Dallas today, then on to Bogata tomorrow for his memorial service. Yup, a lotta people are gonna miss that man's sense of humor. Especially those rip-snorters he was forever posting on facebook!