Sunday, December 8, 2013


I've always loved the "downtown" area of our little village, but I especially love it in fall and winter, when it takes on a seasonal glow -- first with piles of pumpkins everywhere, followed by a trillion twinkle lights. These are just a few of the shots I have taken there recently.

I dearly love this mural, a work-in-progress, which they are adding on the backside of the building that houses Calley's Jewelry and Tastebuds. Very apropos, considering the building began its life as a filling station.

Tastebuds is one of several great places to deposit the men in your group who have had their fill of shopping.

Twins Born 5 Years Apart
One new shop I recently discovered is Ply, located next to the antique shop On The Bridge (both its name and its location). That's where I scored special little handmade goodies to give each of the Lane women this Christmas. I knew it would be a great shop before I ever set foot in the door. Check out this gorgeous outdoor weaving...

and the yarn-bombing on the tree by the door!

Another great shop I just discovered is Santa Fe Connection -- so many gorgeous color-mad things, from Frida-style clothing and jewelry to hand-painted pottery and funky yard decor.

Like I said, you can usually spot a great shop before you ever step a foot in the door. Funny thing about this one, though. The owner had a shop in San Antonio for forty years before coming here, but she obviously never quite replaced her Germanic accent and forthright way of dealing with customers, with the southern manner of charming them into making a purchase.

Otherwise she would have know better, when this particular customer came out of the dressing room tugging on an outfit that was clinging in all the wrong places, than to say "What have you got on under there?"

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Corrine at said...

Looks like such a cute village and the yarn bombing and leaf? weaving, so fun. xox