Monday, December 9, 2013


I was really hoping for some good fall color, to impress the relatives when they were here just before Thanksgiving. What did they get, other than cold, wet weather just like they had back in Ohio? Nada! The only trees that had changed at that point were our three scrawny cypress trees, which the original owners planted up on the hill, instead of down by the creek where they would have been much happier.

But then, a week or two later, something magical happened. The rivers of red oaks that drift across the tops of most hills in these parts, including the one just behind our house, finally began to change. Suddenly we were surrounded by a patchwork quilt of reds, greens and golds.

Love the view above, where our street deadends!

The bottle tree with a backdrop of bright yellow cedar elm.
Better late than never, right?


Corrine at said...

So pretty. Hope you are warmer. It's snowing here...xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

We actually made it up to around 50 yesterday, but it's dropping down into the 20s again the next couple of nights. I think Dallas is still iced in. Fortunately, we didn't get any of that -- at least, not so far.