Friday, November 22, 2013


You'll never guess what we had for lunch yesterday.

Yep, we had Electric Cock, and let me tell you, it was deeee-lish! You can blame this woman here, as it was her idea.

That's polymer clay artist Randee Ketzel there on the left, author of the newly released book my sister-in-law Priscilla is holding. In fact, Randee seems to be wearing the very necklace that is featured on its cover. Pris is a huge fan of her work and, upon learning that she lives in Austin, made arrangements to meet up with her while here. Randee had signed up for a recent Austin food truck tour primarily because Miss P's was to be on it, and she had heard such great things about it. Alas, it was the only one they didn't make it to on the tour, as it was just too mobbed. Now we know why.

Not only is the cock quite moist, and a wee bit tangy, just check out those frites with sea salt and thyme, and that truffled mac & cheese. Yowser!

The condiments on the picnic tables were housed in these great little beer cartons, and as I sat staring at them, I realized that I could probably use one in the making of my "Postcards From Texas" journal.


The food truck is located on S. Congress, so we were able to check out all the fun shops there afterwards.

Big Top Candy
We had a brief rest-up when we got back to Wimberley, then it was time to head out to Cafe' Susanna, the monthly live local music event held "cafe style" at the Methodist church (no religion involved, but money earned from the refreshments goes to local charities). If you live in the area and have never attended one of these events, well, you're just plain crazy.

The featured band this month was Del Castillo -- one I wasn't too familiar with. However, I loooooove Spanish guitar, and as soon as I heard this clip, I knew we had to go.

The room was packed (always a good sign) with extra chairs being set up out in the lobby, where they could watch through the doors.

I can now say, without a doubt, that this was some of the most phenomenal guitar-playing I've ever seen/heard in my life. One more amazing CD added to my ever-growing car collection of Cafe' Susanna favorites!


Corrine at said...

Looks like great fun.....xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

These concerts are one of the best things about living in Wimberley! They start at a reasonable hour for those of us who aren't night owls, plus you don't have to deal with drunks and smokers. Just great music, up close and personal!