Sunday, November 10, 2013


If you've ever wondered about the influence of birth order on personality, let me assure you, there is truth to those rumors. I'm the third daughter -- the one who still hasn't given any thought to what she is going to do about Thanksgiving, who just trusts that it will all come together eventually. Poodie is the first born daughter -- the one who had the foresight to get her Christmas decorations up before she went into the hospital for hip surgery, since she knew she wouldn't be up to it afterwards. Speaking of her surgery, she's doing as well as can be expected, I suppose. She had a different surgeon this time, with different ideas and rules for recovery. Even the incision is completely different! The biggest surprise was that he kicked her out of the hospital a day early, meaning she only spent two nights there -- after major surgery! But it's not just a cost-cutting measure as you might expect. It's also because, the longer you stay in the hospital, the more chance you have of picking up one of those nasty bugs like my hubby came home with.

She wasn't planning to turn any of the lights on until after Thanksgiving, not wanting the neighbors to think her insane, but I twisted her arm. I just loooooooove twinkle lights!

The two books are mine. That's what I actually brought to read while here, so imagine my delight at finding the decorations already up. Unfortunately, she doesn't get the Hallmark channel, so we can't watch a daily Christmas movie as I had planned. Or so she claims.

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