Friday, November 29, 2013



Thanksgiving was way different than usual for us this year. First of all, there were to be only four of us at the table. Well, five, if you count the one lurking beneath it. And, since only two of those were people who actually cook, I took the easy way out and ordered most of the meal from a local restaurant/catering business. On the down side, I kind of missed the fun of having a kitchen full of people cooking together. On the upside, I kind of missed the stress of having a kitchen full of people trying to cook together, when it's a rather tiny kitchen with virtually no counter space.

Another big plus? Those are actually my golden-toed feet you see below, amongst those propped up on the coffee table right after the meal -- something that almost never happens.

I usually have at least one female guest who insists on heading straight into the kitchen to start cleaning up as soon as the meal ends (which I really do appreciate, honestly!) and I can't very well let them go in there alone, now can I? This year, however, since we heated all the food in the foil containers which it came in, then returned the leftovers to those very same containers, there was virtually no clean up to be done, other than sticking our few plates in the dishwasher. Hubby says "Yea!" to no giant roasting pan full of grease for him to deal with.

Once everyone had left, I headed into my bed-roodio to do a little painting, and Hubby headed down to the man cave to watch some football...or so I thought. A short while later he came rushing in to grab my arm. "Come see!" he said with wide-eyed innocence, and a burgundy sweater covered in glittery white threads. "Someone left something on the porch!"

Hard to believe he ever had me convinced that he was a "Bah! Humbug!" sort of guy.

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