Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, the Evil Pacemaker is toast! I sincerely hope they ran it through a metal shredder and made it suffer, once it was out of my hubby's body. Hubby offered to let me take a picture of his gaping wound for the blog, but I declined. You can thank me later.

In other news, as of yesterday, we now have both our well AND our water catchment system up and running again. Woohoo! Unfortunately, judging from the suckiness of my tea this morning, it's gonna take a while to get the last of that scummy well water out of our pipes. Blech! This morning the people from Verizon are finally supposed to come and fix our land line. It's only been at least two weeks since we called to tell them it had quit working! Hope they come early and work fast, so I can get on up to the hospital, and get some news. Yes, here we are again, waiting around for someone, anyone, to please give us a clue as to what is next on the agenda. Deja vu!

Speaking of deja vu, have I mentioned that Cincinnati ROCKS? Other than flying in and out of the airport, and attending my niece's wedding at a very cool museum venue there, I've never really seen much of it. This time, however, we had planned on spending two entire days there. We ended up only getting one of them, but that alone made up for everything else.

Today I just want to tell you about Findlay Market. As my dear BIL pointed out (10 or 12 times), it's Ohio's oldest, continuously operating, permanent farmers' market, and stepping through its doors was like being transported back to one of the infamous covered markets in France, which I so dearly loved.

It had aisles filled with cheese and spice stalls, coffee and gelato shops, bakers of bread and pastries, mongers of fish and purveyors of charcuterie, all under one roof, and all open year round.

No, I did not eat this. I stopped a total stranger and took a picture of hers!
I did, however, catch a couple of our guys taking a gelato break.
And all of this is just what was on the inside. Just wait 'til you see what surrounds it on the outside!

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