Friday, June 21, 2013


We didn't see a single doctor yesterday, so there's nothing to tell on that front. Let's talk about fun stuff instead!  I believe we were touring the awesome Findlay Market in Cincinnati when last we met, no?

Well, in addition to the fabulous permanent stalls on the inside, they've got all these cool temporary stalls outside...

not to mention the fun shops in all these color-mad buildings that line the streets (including the little tea shop where I spotted the waving queen). They even have one whole side street dedicated to local produce, products and flowers.

But wait, there's more! We just happened to be in Cincinnati on one of only four or five days per year that The City Flea was open, so we headed over there next.

The City Flea is a curated urban flea market, only open one Saturday per month during the warmer months, and there was some goodness to be had there!

Not only did I nab some uber-cute earrings, I even managed to find a few goodies to use in my art journals as well!

Speaking of which, I've got a new Art of Wild Abandonment class with the amazing Junelle Jacobson starting up tomorrow (woohoo!), and I'm thinkin' the kool-aid-orange, handmade journal that my new friend Shelly just gifted me with would be the perfect home for all the summer-packed-projects that Junelle has in store for us.

In fact, I started playing with her little sneak preview project right there in the hospital yesterday.

Just what the doctor ordered!


Shelly said...

Loved all the photos and loved your first journal page in the new journal!

Hill Country Hippie said...

It's a work in progress. That plus the new issue of Art Journaling magazine that just arrived, make hanging out at the hospital almost fun!