Friday, April 12, 2013


Before you ask, no, those strawberries did not come from my own garden. Nor did they come from the grocery store. They actually came from one of our very own growers, Engel Farm, at The Bountiful Sprout, and we've been gorging on them for SIX WEEKS now! Fresh local fruit producers have been hard to come by at TBS, so when strawberries popped up in our offerings last year, we were delirious! I think they only showed up on one or two ordering cycles, though, then that was it for another year. This year they showed up the first week in March, I think, and I ordered a double batch, just in case they didn't come back again. They were sooooo juicy and delicious -- nothing at all like the sour grocery store berries I've heard women complaining about this year. Every order cycle since, I've ordered two more pints, each time thinking "This is bound to be the last of them until next year", but they just keep on a-comin'!

Meanwhile, here at home, things are looking pretty good in our experimental veggie beds, plopped right in the middle of a major deer thoroughfare. I unzip their covers periodically -- to get a little air circulation and pollination going -- but mostly they stay covered, and there have been no signs of invasion. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, as it's early days yet, but four varieties of beans are coming up nicely, with no signs of rust yet; several potato plants are hale and hearty; onions should be getting close to harvesting in a couple of weeks; and a couple of small cucumber "bushes" are beginning to take off. Oh yeah, and look what I just spotted on one of my three tomato plants!

So, yeah, there's still a lot that could go wrong, but you know how it is with gardeners. "Hope springs eternal!"

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