Wednesday, April 24, 2013


High School Graduation
I think the one thing about my life that I am most grateful for, is that I have enjoyed each and every stage of it.

A 50's party in college, where my date was a dorm cafeteria waiter named John.
In fact, each stage has always managed, somehow, to be even better than the last, ...

Celebrating our two miracle babies in Houston with the Sanfords.
The preschool years in Midland
and I am always looking forward to whatever comes next.

One last Hill Country fling with the Sanfords, before heading off on our three-year Indonesian adventure.
The Katy years where, first, I landed the job of my dreams, then later, thanks to frequent trips to the Hill Country to visit Lexie at Texas State, we managed to find the future home of our dreams.
Even now, I can still get excited thinking about what's ahead, creatively, grandmotherly, and possibly even trying on yet another lifestyle -- one where we live in the heart of this little town we love, and can walk to most anywhere we want to go. Who knows what might lie ahead? All I know is this. I can't imagine anything worse than being a person who felt like their life peaked in high school, and who has wasted the rest of it looking back, instead of ahead. Can you?

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